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To start out this blog, I thought I’d begin by stepping back to the beginning of the year…

Comet Holmes, a periodic comet that suddenly brightened up dramatically in 2007 was still hanging in through early 2008.  It must have been a very large, sudden outburst of dust and gas that caused this otherwise nondescript comet to become bright and large enough to be seen by the naked eye in a dark sky (not in the city).  Because its orbit placed it high in the northern sky, it was visible to me for many months, so I was able to take many photos as the gas shell became progressively larger and dimmer.  Also fortunate for me was the fact that it was moving so slowly among the stars that I could track on the stars rather than the comet itself.  Too bad it didn’t have a spectacular tail to go along with the rest of it.

Comet Holmes pass by the California Nebula

Comet Holmes pass by the California Nebula

By March of this year it was down to its last gasp and I took my last photo of it on March 8th.  Fortunately it was passing the California Nebula at the time, so it made for another interesting sequence of shots.

On the back burner is a rainy day project to merge the whole sequence of Comet Holmes shots into one giant mosaic.  Looks like that will have to wait until computer hardware and technology allow me to handle really big image files…

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