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Category Archives: Equipment

Vanishing Point ObservatoryI don’t know how a fly sees the world, but it might be like this…

While waiting for the moon to set, I decided to take a 360×180° panoramic photo from the top of a tripod stuck just outside the roof of my observatory.  When turned “inside-out”, the panoramic photo is popularly called a “tiny planet” photo.

Most of the central part of the photo is the inside of my (cluttered) observatory.  The outside of the photo shows the horizon and sky.

Go to: to see a larger view and the original panoramic photo in an interactive panoramic viewer.


Nikon D600 Night-sky Time-lapse Test

First test of the D600 used for a night time-lapse video…  Be sure to view this in 1080p HD format for best quality.

In anticipation of a trip, we’ve decided to add a Nikon D600 to supplement the D700 I normally use for wide-field astrophotos.  So the first test I did was to compare the low-light performance to the D700:

Bottom line… the D600 does well.  My concern that the smaller pixels would impact low-light performance were unfounded.